Why Money is Real – and Why it Isn’t

Why Money is Real – and Why it Isn’t 150 150 jbencoker

Why Money is Real – and Why it Isn’t

Money is not what you think it is.

It’s not what you see on your bank statement. It’s not what you get paid or what you pay.

Money is not in any way ‘tangible’ – the notes and coins we hold only represent money – they are not worth the paper they are printed on or the metal in the coins. The money in your purse, pocket or wallet is just a collection of ‘tokens’.

But money does ‘exist’ beyond those tokens and what you see on the screen – numbers on a page.

There is no such ‘thing’ as money – because money (other than the tokens which represent it) is not a ‘thing’.

Money does exist, but it only comes into being when we use it.

Money is a very special form of energy. It’s an energetic ‘expression’ which allows you and I to transform one expression of energy – usually ‘work’ we have done into another form of energy, usually a ‘thing’ of some kind, but often an experience, having no connection with the work we’ve done.

A teacher works to educate children, she does not work to build cars, but she can transform the ‘teaching’ energy into ‘car’ energy through money if she desires a car.

Everything is energy and every ‘thing’ is an expression of energy. Energy can neither be created or destroyed but it can be transformed from one form or expression into another – either by ‘work’ or through using money.

When we work, we are rewarded, more often than not, with money energy – it’s the societal bargain we have developed over the millennia.

The money energy is stored in banks, safes and ‘under the mattress’ until we need to activate it to transform the work we did into the ‘things’ we desire.

And sometimes – by activating money – we can exchange one thing, one energetic expression, for another instead of doing the ‘work’ that would be required to dismantle the first into its constituent raw energy and reassemble it into the new ‘thing’. Something which would be a very long and intricate process (unless we had a Star Trek style replicator device).

Money isn’t ‘real’ but it does exist for the purpose of exchange, or in other words – transformation, and it only exists as the transformation is taking place. Even if ‘tokens’ are exchanged in this process they immediately go back into the virtual store.

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