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Simple membership of the Freedom Academy gives you full access to the academy. You’re able to see what’s available and what goes on, and some of it is free for you to use. For most things though, we recommend you upgrade to Bronze membership

There is no fee to be a Member


The Bronze level gives you free access to most of the resources and programmes inside the Academy. Bronze is the ‘DIY’ level. No coaching or mentoring is provided although it is available to purchase along with some specialist programmes. This is where you ‘start’!

Monthly £37


The Silver level gives you everything in Bronze plus a monthly live and recorded 90 minute group mentoring session which may take the form of a Q&A or cover specific topics. You can also request a specific topic to be covered in next month’s session.

Monthly £97


Gold membership includes all in Bronze and Silver with an additional two hour group  session where we use the ‘masterminding’ process to discuss topics or ‘issues’ raised by attendees. This is especially useful for those who wish to delve deeper into personal freedom

Monthly £197


Platinum membership is limited to 30 members and includes everything in Bronze, Silver and Gold  plus quarterly two day face to face mentoring get-togethers, an extra monthly one hour catch-up and individual personal coaching and advice provided online (phone or Zoom)

Monthly £597


The Diamond level is limited to 7 members and includes individual face to face coaching/mentoring for one day per month plus a bi-annual ‘mini-retreat’ for a duration and at a location agreed by the group. Diamond membership is for the moment by invitation only.

Monthly £1997

For further information book an Onboarding session

To UPGRADE your membership go to your Account page and select ‘Change’

“May you be truly happy, May you live in Peace, May you live in Love, May you know the Power of Forgiveness, May you know that your life has deep Meaning and good Purpose”