Life Mastery Toolkit

Somewhere at home you’ll have a toolkit.

It contains all sorts of tools – screwdriver, hammer, pliers, maybe a saw, power drill, spanners and so on.

You might also have a box or drawer full of ‘spare parts’ – like batteries, light bulbs, and all the other bits and pieces to keep your household stuff going.

Not to mention your ‘cleaning cupboard’ where you keep all the stuff you need to make sure everything is kept clean and runs smoothly.

 What’s in The Kit?

You can go out and buy a ‘standard’ toolkit, or first aid kit containing a selection of things that ‘most’ people use ‘most’ of the time.

But you’ve then added things to it, a particular tool or medication that exactly fits your requirements.

This is the same, but –

I’ll help you tailor your kit to what you need, and as things move on you’ll add to it – just like an ‘ordinary’ toolkit.

  • Do you feel that there is something lacking in your life or that, right now, you’re just not who you really want to be?
  • Are you open-minded to new ideas and ways of doing things?
  • Have you had experience of ‘personal development’ but feel that, although it all sounds good, it just doesn’t seem to work for you?
  • Are you ready for a change in your lifestyle?
  • Are you the sole proprietor of a business working on your own or with just a few others?
  • Are you Self-Employed working in your own business?
  • Have you just started a new business in the last 12 months or so?
  • Are you thinking about starting your own business?

If so the Life Mastery Toolkit is for you

The Toolkits include –

  • Books
  • Webinars and Webmeets
  • Events
  • ‘DIY’ programmes
  • Guided Workbooks
  • Group meetings and workshops, on and off line
  • Video and Audio programmes
  • On Line personal development programmes

and of course – Personal and Group Coaching